About us

  • Central laboratory

Phytocontrol specializes in the analysis of phytosanitary contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, GMOs, dioxins and allergens in foodstuffs, and more widely in all products of animal and vegetable origin.

Situated right in the heart of the Georges Besse II science park in Nîmes, the ultra modern laboratory building certified ISO 14001 occupies an aera of more than 2000 m ², and is endowed with the lastest analytical technologies.

Phytocontrol holds the most detailed and exhaustive COFRAC accreditations for each of its programs, and enjoys the most prestigious technical and institutional approvals.

The French leader in its field, thanks to team expertise and advanced technologies, PHYTOCONTROL serves all stakeholders of the agricultural, agro-food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

A scientific team of one hundred specialists in the field of contaminant chemistry, including engineers, technicians, chemists, biochemists and agronomists offer you their combined skills and expertise to provide the best analytical service with relevant technical and regulatory advice.

Constantly seeking analytical excellence, a dynamic R & D team strives daily to develop new and ever more efficient and innovative procedures, enabling us to offer you the best analytical balance with respect to quality, reactivity, and cost.

  • Your Regional agencies

The Phytocontrol group is composed of regional agencies, organized around a principal laboratory located in Nîmes.

These individual agencies ensure local customer support and advice for Phytocontrol clients.

Our friendly and amenable staff is ready to offer you their commercial, technical and logistical assistance.
This national perspective is key to achieving and maintaining our high standards of quality for all of our customers.