The 11th of February 2014, due to a lack of consensus among European states, the GMO corn TC1507 of the group “Pionner” should be soon approved for cultivation in the EU.

19 Countries including France voted against its authorization, but in the absence of a qualified majority, 210 votes against 260 necessary votes to block this authorization, this GMO corn should be allowed.

According to the rules, due to the absence of a decision from the State Council, the European Commission must approve the culture. Moreover, the commission had already issued a favourable opinion on its authorization in last November.

The TC1507 is maize containing the cry1F and pat genes, tolerant to glufosinate-ammonium and resistant to certain lepidopteran insects such as corn borer.

We are glad to inform you our laboratory has a COFRAC accreditation with flexible field for GMO in corn 
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