Proof of its specific knowledge for the research for pesticides and for reliability of its expertise, Phytocontrol succeeded recently both tests interlaboratories German QS and BNN as which it is a question of detecting and of quantifying very exactly in 48hours and “blind” several active molecules without any positive forgery nor negative.

The success of these tests German interlaboratories is the additional security of a high quality of analysis as soon as possible.

PHYTOCONTROL is from now on the first French laboratory authorized by the German association of the manufacturers and the storekeepers of organic products (BNN) allowing all the ORGANIC actors of the sector avid to work with the German market to benefit from a recognized expertise Outre-Rhin for the analysis of pesticides.

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Phytocontrol referenced on the site of the BNN as certified laboratory.
Certificate QS of the laboratory Phytocontrol