Responsiveness & reliability


PHYTOCONTROL offers you a unique degree of responsiveness at every level :

1 – Logistic responsiveness
The direct link between our regional offices and the laboratory guarantees you optimal logistic responsiveness.

Our close proximity facilitates our proactive customer sample collection and express delivery service.

2 – Analytical responsiveness

We understand the need to receive your analytical results in the shortest possible timeframe, to allow your team to undertake any reactive measures quickly.

As experts in our field we are able to meet your demands. The team of specialist chemists working in our laboratory has, at their disposal, a state-of-the-art wide-ranging chromatography platform, which is dedicated to pesticide research.

3 – Computational responsiveness

A powerful computing system, which is linked to our laboratory-specific software package PHYTOCONTROL WEB LIMS, allows us to ensure the management and transmission of results with high speed and efficiency.

As such, you will instantly receive all of your validates analytical results and can access your personal reports online by entering your completely secure client space.


We understand that confidence is earned and our primary aim is to satisfy our clients by offering highly reliable research analyses and the best quality of service.

Our technical and institutional approval, alongside our desire to satisfy all of our clients, over the long term, guarantees you this high quality of service.