Photo actu Norovirus


PHYTOCONTROL is pleased to announce you that in addition to laboratory analyzes already performed, R&D department has recently developed an innovative method of analysis to qualitative and quantitative research silmutaneous of Norovirus GI, GII and Hepatitis A virus in plants by RT-PCR.

Norovirus and hepatitis A virus are major enterovirus responsible for collective food poisoning.
Their transmission is by person-way, by consumption of contaminated food, contact with water or food contaminated surfaces, or by contact with contaminated materials.

Since 2013, many European Alerts (RASFF) have been launched for the detection of these viruses in various foodstuffs.
At present, no regulatory threshold has been set at European level.
Since 1 January 2015, the FCD (Federation of Commerce and Distribution) asks its suppliers quantification of norovirus and hepatitis A in certain foodstuffs when qualitative research demonstrated their presence. This process is performed under a control plan for the establishment of a limit in 24 months.

According to the biohazard description form transmissible through food / Norovirus (ANSES, May 2011), studies in volunteers showed that ID50 (dose that causes onset of infection by 50% of individuals exposed ) for norovirus GI is between 18 and 1 000 particles (assayed by RT-PCR) but in some individuals, ingestion of less than 5 particles resulted symptoms.

For technical information, pricing and / or regulations, please contact your regional office.