PHYTOCONTROL has the pleasure to announce you that as a supplement to your analyses already made in the laboratory, the R*D service recently developed an innovative method of analysis allowing the research for 21 colouring agents forbidden in spices, condiments, sauces and food were consisted in the human food supply.

The method was developed in LC-MS / MS with limits of quantification from 0.01mg / kg according to colouring agents.

Among the studied forbidden colouring agents, you will find in particular the various SUDAN, the ORANGE II or still the RHODAMINE B who are frequently the object of European alerts.

The regulation (EU N°1333 / 2008) and its modifications supply a list of food coloring agents the use of which is authorized in certain foodstuffs. Any colouring agents not included in this list are forbidden.

For any technical, tariff and/or statutory information, do not hesitate to contact your regional Phytocontrol agency.