The European regulation N°1169/2011 requires a nutrition declaration on foodstuff. The nutrition declaration must be presented in the form of a table (or if there is a lack of place, in line). All elements of the nutrition declaration should appear together in the same field of vision:  the labelling of the energy value and the quantities of some nutrients (fat, saturates, carbohydrates, protein, sugars and salt).

As this table may be difficult to understand, the French government recommends a complementary nutrition information to facilitate understanding for consumers. The European regulation N°1169/2011 allow each country to develop complementary nutrition information.

The order of 31 October 2017 regulating the form of presentation recommended by the French government under Articles L. 3232-8 and R. 3232-7 of the Public Health Code was published in the Journal Officiel of the French Republic of the 3rd November 2017.

This complementary framework is named Nutri-score. The label is a colourful scale (from pale green to orange) associated to letters from A (“best nutritional quality”) to E (“low nutritional quality”). The order gives in annexe the specifications to calculate the food nutritional score and to class them on the scale.

This nutritional score takes account of different parameters:

  • The negative component of the product (“N”). In this negative component can be find: caloric density (available energy value expressed in kJ per 100g), the saturated fatty acid levels, simple sugars (in g per 100g of food) and in salt (in mg per 100g of food)
  • The positive component of the product (“P”). In this positive component can be find: the estimate fruit and vegetable content, the vitamins and the fibre and proteins content (in g per 100g of food)

For each parameter, points are allocated to the products. Apart for specific rules, the Nutri-score is calculated as below: Nutritional score= total point “N” – Total point “P”

This is the ranking of the foodstuff:

  • A rank: score < or equal to -1 (dark green)
  • B rank: score from 0 to 2 (clear green)
  • C rank: score from 3 to 10 (clear orange)
  • D rank: score from 11 to 18 (orange)
  • E rank: score > or equal to 19 (dark orange)

Below, you will find the complete order: Arrêté du 03/11/17 Nutri-Score