The strategic investment subsidiary Phytocontrol Invest’ Innov has just positioned itself alongside the start-up of Banyuls (Pyrénées-Orientales) which closes its first capital raising round to reach a financing of nearly 1 million euros.

This will enable Microbia Environnement to finalize its R&D and move on to the commercial launch of its innovative solutions for the sustainable management of natural water reserves.

The company, founded by two scientists, Delphine Guillebault and Carmem-Lara Manes, develops biosensors to monitor aquatic environments and more precisely water pollution by toxic algae. This breakthrough innovation will make it possible to anticipate these health risks, particularly for aquaculture.

Since 2016, the young company has accumulated the awards and recognitions that reward its work : Trophée Hydrogaïa Coup de coeur, Trophée Export des éco-entreprises, and the Alfred Sauvy Award.

In line with the development of its Hydro division, Phytocontrol’s involvement with Microbia Environnement announces its strategic positioning on new solutions for anticipating microbiological contamination of water.

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