The program Telematin of 05/15/14 shows the voluntary self-control implemented by wholesalers of Rungis in the FEL PARTENARIAT .

To answer at expectations and demands of consumers of Fruit and Vegetable, Wholesalers perform analyzes from independent laboratories to ensure compliance with European regulations for products placed on the market.

PHYTOCONTROL is referenced by the FEL PARTENARIAT and takes samples directly on the site of Rungis as you can see video clip . Samples are then sent to a laboratory that performs multi-residues of last generation.

The results are then compared with MRL ( Maximum Residue Limits EU ) to monitor the compliance of the sample to the EU regulations , which are transmitted in a time of 3 days.

To view the report click on the following link :http://www.france2.fr/emissions/telematin .

Sample taken by Tiphaine Roux (Agency PHYTOCONTROL Rungis)