Other contaminants

The core business of Phytocontrol is contaminants analyses, and enriches constantly expertise by the development of specific contaminants. Beyond the main families of analyses, Phytocontrol claims to be able of proposing you a complete coverage of your plan of controls.

  • Melamine
  • Bisphenol A
  • Acrylamide
  • HAP
  • Phtalates and other plastifiants
  • Alkaloids: Ergot and datura, chaconin and solanin, piperin, capsaicin
  • Inorganic Ions: Nitrates, Nitrites, Bromides, Chlorides
  • Forbidden Colouring agents
  • Alcohols

Always in the optics to answer globally your analytical needs, Phytocontrol also developed and accredited a pool of additional analyses. Our objective is here to allow the simplification of your plan of analyses with a person receiving benefits specialized and capable of bringing an exhaustive answer to your specifications.

  • Nutritional Values
  • Authentification of animal and vegetable species
  • Physical chemistry of waters

Thanks to partnerships with French specialized and accredited laboratories COTAIL COAT on the herebelow analytical program, Phytocontrol also proposes you the following analyses:

  • Radioactivity (CS 137, CS 138, I 131)
  • medicinal veterinary Residues
  • residual Solvents
  • Mosh moah

Whatever is the diversity of your plan of control, the Laboratory Phytocontrol will know how to propose you an adapted and complete solution.

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