Phytocontrol’s water analysis department obtains Cofrac accreditation for the sampling and analysis of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila.

The Legionnaire’s family consists of more than 50 different species, including the Legionella pneumophila bacterium, which is the most involved in Legionella cases (more than 99% of cases). The mode of contamination is the inhalation of contaminated aerosols, which can be followed by severe respiratory infection.

Legionella are found naturally in freshwater aquatic flora and moist soils. However, they have never been found in seawater and dry land. In networks, the bacteria can colonize facilities that offer favourable conditions for their development. These are hot water circuits at a temperature of between 25 and 43°C associated with the diffusion of an aerosol.

List of installations at risk:

  • Distribution networks (hot water, cold water, natural mineral water)
  • Showers, swimming pools, SPA
  • Air conditioning systems, foggers
  • Evaporative cooling towers

Phytocontrol has received its Cofrac accreditation for sampling according to the FD T 90-522 standard (and associated circulars) and analysis of Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila in evaporative cooling towers and water from cold and hot sanitary networks.

Our qualified sampling technicians based in each regional agency are at your disposal to carry out your planned sampling campaigns for your routine or post-treatment checks. Phytocontrol has tri-temperature vehicles to transport your samples in isothermal compartments.

Our optimised analytical process, combined with our logistics department deployed throughout the country, allows you to obtain analysis results within 10 to 12 days.

Find our updated scope of accreditation.