The decree of 26 March 2014 on the implementation of the national catalog of plant protection purposes referred to in the decisions authorizing the placing on the market was published in the Official Journal of the French Republic March 30, 2014 .
This new catalog came into force on April 1 , sets up a simplified system usage.

Different cultures are now classified by family called ” reference culture ” which will be linked to ” related cultures.”
For example , an active subtsance authorized on culture reference ” lettuce ” means that the active substance is allowed on the following related cultures ” lettuce , chicory, escarole , curly , mash, rocket and other salad ” (see Appendix I link below )
Similarly , an active substance permitted on ” Onion ” means that it is authorized to ” onions , garlic, shallots and other bulbs .”
In other words, decisions of AMM for a ” reference culture ” are valid for the same purpose on the “cultures attached ” .
Caution: Some cultures are present in several “culture references”, for example , the apricot is in reference cultures ” Stone Fruit ” and ” Peach fruit “.

Plant protection products must be labeled to be taking account of this new catalog starting December 31, 2015 .
Changes of practice will soon be updated on the website e -phy of the Ministry of Agriculture.