Under the Community program established in Regulation (EC) No 1274 /2011, the DGCCRF conducted food exposure controls populations to certain pesticides .
The following matrices were targeted : aubergines, bananas , cauliflower or broccoli , table grapes , orange juice , fresh or frozen shelled peas , sweet peppers, wheat and olive oil.
65 samples were collected and one non-compliance was detected concerning the detection of cyprodinil to 0.010 + / -0.005 mg/kg in grapes from Italy . Cyprodinil is a fungicide not listed in Annex II of Regulation ( EC) No 889/2008 providing pesticides allowed in organic farming.

The analysis of organic wheat origin France has also revealed the presence of piperonyl butoxide (PBO ) to 0.53 mg / kg. The sample was said “to watch” by the DGCCRF .

At EU level the PBO is considered a natural pyrethrum synergist and not as an active substance , no EU MRL is therefore established.
However, at national level, a threshold of 10mg/kg has been set for the PBO in cereals.
Above this threshold, organic or conventionnal product containing PBO is non-compliant.
In a product of organic farming, in case of detection of PBO at a lower threshold (< 10mg/kg ) level , national laboratories conclude that “to watch” so be warned about the use of pyrethrum ( permitted in organic farming ) and verify that this use is justified towards the Regulation (EC) 889/2008.

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