Regulation (EU) 2017/983 was published on 10 June 2017.
This regulation amends maximum residue limits for tricyclazole in or on certain products.
The main change concerns MRL on rice which increases from 1mg/kg to 0.01mg/kg.

Given long-term preservation of rice, Regulation provides transitional provisions for rice produced in or before 2016, to allow normal marketing, processing and consumption of rice. Given uncertainties regarding properties of tricyclazole, deadlines provided for regulation do not allow any treatment with tricyclazole in 2017 or later.
The same applies to basmati rice, maturation before placing on market is specific. Provision should be made for this type of rice, if it was grown in 2016 or earlier, an additional period of six months prior to the implementation of the amended MRLs for this type of rice, to permit the normal marketing, processing and consumption of basmati rice.

This new regulation applies from 30 June 2017 to all products except basmati rice.
It applies to Basmati rice only from 30 December 2017.
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