Règlement Arsenic

EU regulation N°2015/1006 amending regulation N°1881/2006 has been published. It settles limits for inorganic arsenic (sum of AsIII + AsV) for rice and by-products :

–          Milled rice, not steamed (polished or white rice) : 0.2 mg/kg

–          Steamed rice, husked rice : 0.25 mg/kg

–          Rice crackers, puffed rice, cake with rice flour : 0.3 mg/kg

–          Rice by-products for infants : 0.1 mg/kg

These limits will be applicable on January the 1st 2016

Phytocontrol is accredited  since end 2014 for arsenic speciation. This method allows us to specifically dose inorganic arsenic, the most toxic form of arsenic.

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