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Detailed accréditation COFRAC N°1-1904 available on

After our last audit COFRAC in October 2014, PHYTOCONTROL team is very pleased to announce that all accreditation extensions presented were approved, either in fixed or in flexible scope.

For many of them it is a French technical exclusivity.

These are the guarantee of the expertise and specific knowledge of PHYTOCONTROL for the analysis of contaminants in all plant and animal products and also the highest reliability and analytical relevance.


• Extension of multi-residue pesticides on bee products by GCMS / MS

• Extension of Glyphosate and AMPA at 10 ppb threshold of fat and oil products

• Chlorate and perchlorate by LCMS / MS



• Extension multielement EU and US Pharmacopoeia by ICPMS

• Speciation of arsenic by LC / ICPMS


• Low threshold of quantification of Patulin from 10  to 5 ppb

• Multialcaloides ergot and datura by LCMS / MS at the 1 to 5 ppb


• Extension of specific events by Real Time PCR


• Sulfites (SO2) by LCMS / MS at 10 ppb

• Gluten by Elisa

• Allergens by real-time PCR


• Dioxins, furans and PCBs by GC / HRMS

other contaminants

• Multiresidue HAPs by GCMS / MS and UFLC

• Melamine and Bisphenol A by LCMS / MS


The details of our new Technical Apendix applied since the 15/02 is available in the website of COFRAC (see link below):

Visit our detailed scope of accreditation N°1-1904 rév. 2

Some extensions carried out in flexible ranges as alkaloids will be updated on the website of COFRAC in our next audit.

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