EFSA has recently published its new absorption model for pesticide residues:”Model PRIMO EFSA Rev 3” applicable since the 1st February 2018.
This file gathers the consumption data provided by the various Member States of the European Union and allows to evaluate the dietary risks of pesticide residues in particular, within the framework of setting up or revising an MRL.
The model makes it possible to assess both acute and chronic risk for the consumer.
The amendments included the addition of new food consumption data as well as an update of the classification of food products according to the latest Annex I of the current Regulation No. 396/2005.

The short-term toxicological evaluation appendices developed by our laboratory (Annex ARFD) have been completely revised taking into account the data of this new model and this, since February 1st, 2018.
These annexes are carried out within the framework of pesticide residue analysis, on the matrices identified in Annex I of Regulation 396/2005 and on request.

For further information, please contact your regional Phytocontrol agency.