Of Perchlorate was recently detected by the German authorities in tomatoes and grapes from Spain.
This detection was the object of notifications with the RASFF (European fast alarm system for foodstuffs).

The perchlorate of ammonium is a compound which presents numerous industrial applications: transformation(processing) of metals, pyrotechnics, treatment(processing) of the paper etc. He can also be in certain fertilizers with nitrate as the nitrate of sodium but also in sewage sludge and subterranean waters.

ANSES published in July, 2012 an opinion(notice) on associations between the exhibition(exposure) in the ions Perchlorates in the water of drink and the thyroid function(office). Experimental studies suggest that they can lead(infer) a deficit in thyroid hormones: http://www.anses.fr/Documents/EAUX2012sa0119.pdf

The NVWA, Authority of food safety and the consumer in Netherlands recently set up at the national level of the thresholds of action(share) for the perchlorate on various matrices. You will find these thresholds by clicking the following link: Thresholds NVWA

The European commission published July 16th 2013 a document fixing a general limit to 0.5 mg/kg for all the foodstuffs; with the exception of citrus fruits, pomes, roots and tubers, dessert grapes, spinach, melons and watermelons where the reference rate is established in 0.2 mg/kg and 1 mg/kg for vegetables-sheets (except spinach), fresh(cool) herbs and celeries were cultivated under greenhouse.  : Guide sanco Perchlorate (juillet 2013)

PHYTOCONTROL is capable of realizing the analysis of the perchlorate on all the foodstuffs; fruits, vegetables, cereal, cosmetics and dairy products.
The realized analysis UFLC / MS / MS allows to reach(affect) a LQ up to 0.005mg / kg on certain matrices and thus very on this side the fixed indicative values.
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