The generic name “dioxin” encompasses dioxins, furans and PCBs, which themselves include many lipophilic organochlorine congeners. Their extraction from fatty products, and subsquent detection, requires complex technical protocols and very specific expertise.

PHYTOCONTROL undertakes this analysis, using gas chromatography coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry (GC / HRMS) along with a new ultra-efficient method of extraction and purification that guarantees the highest quality of analysis in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our food analysis expertise, combined with first class regulatory control makes PHYTOCONTROL the ideal partner to guide and support your dioxin, furan and PCB monitoring, within the framework of European regulations, which are particularly complex in this area .

  • Regulation (UE) N°1259/2011

Establishing the maximal content of dioxins, dioxin type PCBs, and other PCBs, in meat, fish, dairy products, vegetable oil and infant foods.

  • Regulation (UE) N°277/2012

Establishing the maximal content of PCBs and dioxins in foodstuffs intended for animal feed, raw materials and food supplements.