We had expressed there several months of development by our R & D department of a method of analysis of perchlorates following various alerts issued via the website of the RASFF .

This is a potential new risk that has emerged in recent days with the detection of chlorates on fruits and vegetables of differents origins.
Chlorates are pesticides banned by the European Union by Regulation (EU) N°2008/865 and have an MRL at 0.01mg/kg which is applicable to forms magnesium, sodium and potassium. In the past , they were used as herbicides .

The source of chlorates residues detected in the analyzed samples is not yet known but the following tracks have been considered:

  • Residues from the use of chlorinated water wash or use of chlorine dioxide to disinfect the washing water
  • Environmental source: atmospheric deposition, contaminated sprinklers or irrigation wate.
  • unauthorized application of chlorate as a herbicide.
  • Chlorate absorption by plants from contaminated soil or by environmental source or due to prior use of chlorate as a herbicide or by contaminated fertilizer.

PHYTOCONTROL is pleased to announce that its R & D has recently developed a method to simultaneously determine the levels of perchlorates and chlorates in fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products.
The analysis is performed by UFLC-MS-MS with LQ 0.005mg/kg and specific LQ for perchlorates on dairy products at 0.002mg/kg!
For technical , pricing and / or regulatory information , do not hesitate to contact us.