photo actu acrylamide

PHYTOCONTROL is pleased to announce you that R&D department has developed a new method of analysis of acrylamide. We can offer this analysis of the end of September.
Acrylamide is a chemical that naturally forms in starchy food products during high-temperature cooking.

The method was developed in LC-MS-MS with a limit of quantification to 20µg/kg responding at acrylamide indicative values ​​fixed on baby foods according to EU recommendation 2013/647 of November 8, 2013.

This recommendation concerns investigations into the levels of acrylamide in food and set up “indicative values”.
These limits are not safety thresholds, they are intended to signal the need for a study to implement corrective action as necessary.

The products concerned by this recommendation are:

– French fries ready-to-eat
– Potato crisps from fresh potatoes and from potato dough
– Soft bread Wheat based bread
– Soft bread other than wheat based bread
– Breakfast cereals (excl. porridge) – wheat and rye based products
– Breakfast cereals – maize, oat, spelt, barley and rice based products
– Biscuits and wafers
– Crispbread
– Ginger bread
– Products similar to the other products in this category
– Roast coffee
– Instant (soluble) coffee
– coffee substitutes mainly based on cereals
– Other coffee substitutes
– Baby foods, other than processed cereal based foods
– Biscuits and rusks for infants and young children
– Processed cereal based foods for infants and young children, excl. biscuits and rusks

You will find the full text below:Recommendation 2013/647/UE

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