14Dec 2016


After many years of development, the new site Phytocontrol, specially designed and dedicated to the GLP activities, just to be recognized in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practice.

Two activity are covered by this GLP certification: validation of methods and residue analysis.

To accompany you in the elaboration of your files for the registration of your new plant protection products, your files of renewal or within the framework of an extension of use, the set of our GLP teams provides you with its expertise and gives you access from now on to a wide range of service dedicated:

  • Validation of analytical methods according to SANCO/825/00 and SANCO/3029/99 guidance in every type of matrices (plant, animal, environmental, agro-food processing, ecotoxicologic matrices and Operator exposure).
  • Inter Laboratory Validation
  • Monitoring (every types of water)
  • Dislodgeable Foliar Residue (DFR)
  • Residue analysis : HS (Harvest), DCS (Decline Curve), RDCS (Reverse Decline Curve) on all crops (open field and protected))
  • Studies of the stability of molecules after freezing in vegetables (long term studies over 2 or 3 years)
  • Coordination of mono or multi-sites studies.

As a supplement to your analysis already made in the laboratory, the new GLP service of Phytocontrol claims to be able of answering your requirements in terms of reactivity, of deadline and of reliability and in the understanding and the interpretation of the results. Besides, our Logistic-cold national network assures you the total control of the routing of your samples.

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